What pure dragon would you be?

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This quiz is about dragons, and what dragon you would be. This is a very accurate quiz, but keep in mind that it is not attached to any book, movie, or video game.

Also keep in mind that I forgot to add this to the description about dark dragons: they are the wisest of all pure dragons, and they quietly do good their own way, without anyone noticing. The dragons are dark, light, fire, ice, wind, and earth. Happy quizzing!

Created by: WindDragon22

  1. Your best friends, a light dragon and a fire dragon, decide to go hunting in the worst place to go hunting, because it is so dangerous. You:
  2. Your other friend, a war dragon, wants you to go and steal a bag of jewels, then sell them back to the owner, saying that since they caught the thief, they should get a reward. You:
  3. You are having a feast. The first thing you grab is:
  4. You were ambushed by war dragons and your friend was severely wounded. The war dragons are coming back. You:
  5. You are taking a vacation, and get lost in the woods. Your wing is torn. You:
  6. You decide to go do something fun. You:
  7. Your thoughts on being alone:
  8. Your position in a group:
  9. If you could have any power, what would it be?
  10. Your friends are:

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