Magic Enchanting Love P1

This is my second new quiz series.I made this after i made my other quiz 'which guy is your dream guy?'.I am very happy that I got to make this quiz.Thank you.Bye!

Oops,i forgot that i had another one of these to fill in.Dangit.Okay,well i'll just say thank you again for taking this quiz and i'll see you soon!oops!My other name was MayRose

Created by: KaliaRox

  1. Summer has come and passed.It's now the first day of school!For you anyway,you transferred to Avanti Falls 4 months into the new school year.You transferred from _____ high school.You feel very nervous.You get on the bus,and sit in the second to front seat.The bus starts,and your off.The scenery around you changes,and you're passing by a forest.They're are lovely shade of dark green.There's also a little clearing with a beautiful pond next to it.Next thing you know,the bus stops stops again.The door opens,and a boy gets on the bus.He comes up to you and asks to sit next to you since the rest of the bus is full.You say yes,and he sits next to you.He has a justin bieber dark brunette haircut,and light blue eyes.He's a little shorter than you,but for some reason it just makes him seem more hot."Are you new here?"He asks."Yeah.I just transferred from ______."You say."Cool,I heard that it;s a pretty great school.Whats your name?Mine's Jacob,but everybody calls me Jake.""I'm _____."You say."That's a beautiful name."He says staring at your eyes.For some reason,you could feel a different essence around him.It,didn't feel normal.He seems like the shy type,but there's something different about him,you just can't put your finger on it.....
  2. The two of you compared schedules,it turns out that you only have 3rd lunch together.You sigh and get ready to leave the bus.You finally make it to your new school.Jacob shows you around until he has to go to 1st period.You go to yours,Algebra.You glided past algebra,until you went to your english class.As you went inside,you saw Jacob wave to you from outside in his second period classroom which is across the hall.Your english teacher invites you up to introduce you."Hello class,we have a new student.This is _____."The class all said hi.You went to the only available seat,which was next to a tall cute guy,with short blonde hair.He has light blue eyes,and he seems to be the class clown.He passes you a note.'HI THERE!I'M KAIL!'He also drew a small picture of himself.You couldn't help but laugh,and the teacher glared at you.He sent you another note,that asked'whats your name?'You gave him a note saying yourr name.He wrote back saying 'Thats a silly'ly wonderfully beautiful name!'You glanced at him.He was looking at you with the sweetest but silly grin you ever saw.The teacher interrupts saying"Keep working."In a stern voice.You blush from embarrassment and keep working.You can feel a different essence with Kail too.'What lunch do you have?"He whispers.You hold up 3 fingers and he does the same.Next thing you know the bell rings and it's off to 3rd period.Enriched Science.
  3. You make your way through the school,and finally make it into Enriched Science 3rd period.You see that there are 21 students there,and you have no clue where to go.There is assigned seats,so you go up and ask the teacher where your seat is.She quickly glances at you,then glances back down as if you were a sudden breeze in the wind."You sit next to Elijah over there."She says and gently waves his hand in his direction.Elijah has Black shaggy hair.He has grey eyes,but you can only see his right eye because his left eye is covered with a long side-fringe.He has a black hoodie with grey jeans.You walk over and sit next to him.You notice how he doesn't talk to anyone.He stares at you.You glance up at him,but he doesn't look away."Who are you."He mumbles grumpily turning to you."_____."You say.At that moment you swear that you see his eyes change dark purple,then chage back to grey.Your eyes widen a bit."Stay away from Jasper."He says and then turns away.You can faintly see a purple haze surround his eyes.Then they flicker purple again but you think you're hallucinating and look away.You work in silence but you can still feel him staring at you.You slightly shiver and he looks away.Finally the bell rings and your off to lunch.
  4. On your way to lunch,you glance around not knowing where you're going when BAM!You walk right into someone when you weren't looking.You fall down on your butt,and so does the other person."I'm so sorry."They say gathering your fallen items and then helping you up."It's okay."You say."It was my fault."The voice says-male."No.I wasn't watching where I was going,and I tripped into you."You insist.You look at him and see a really cute guy.About your height,maybe an inch taller.He has long curly blonde hair,and blue eyes.He's wearing a purple black hoodie,with blue jeans(he looks like joshsobo with long hair.)."where you going?"He asks."Lunch-"Really me to!Wanna sit at my table?By the way,my name's Jon"He says.You say sure and tell him your name.You see his body posture change when you say it,he just seems to stand up a little straigter.Then he drags you along with him with suprising strength.You enter into the cafeteria and you gasp when you see.....
  5. All of the guys you met that day,sitting at the table.Jacob,Kail,and Elijah!"_____!What are you doing here?!"Jacob asks looking confused."I think thats what I should be asking."Kail says.Elijah just shook his head."How do you know them _____?"Jon asks confused."I met all of you today."You say sitting down beside Jon."Well,thats kinda freaky."Elijah says casually staring at you.For a second you see them all look at each other,and you swear you see them smirk.You raise your eyebrow and go and get your lunch from the hot lunch line.When you go back,you see that Jon has done the same.You sat down next to Jacob,since you know him the best.You look at everyone,and it appears that the whole table has a glow to it.You look around the cafeteria and see that on the other side of the cafeteria there is a kindof black glow around one person in particular.He was staring at you from across the cafeteria(i hate that word!).He has dyed dark red hair with a black streak,and it seemed like he had black eyes.Must be contacts you think.'Stay away from him'You hear a whipser say in your head.You look around only seeing Elijah and Kail staring at you.Then you Kail and Jacob start a conversation while Jon is in the everlong lunch line you were in moments ago.
  6. "Hey _____?"Kail says questionly."Yeah?""Wanna here a joke-"The other guys all groan and shake their heads."Sure."You say despite there warnings."Alright,here it goes...Knock, knock!""Who's there?"You say."Me!"He says."Me who?"You ask."That's right!"He says."What's right?"You ask confused."Meehoo!"He says excitedly."That's what I want to know!"You say despretaly."What's what you want to know?"He says looking confused on purpose."Me who?"You say weakly."Yes, exactly!" He says as if you got it."Exactly what?"You ask getting annoyed."Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain!""Exactly what on a chain?"You ask."Yes!"He exclaims."Yes what?"You ask again. "No, Exactlywatt."He says plainly. "That's what I want to know!"You say obviously exasperated."I told you - Exactlywatt!"He says."Exactly what?""Yes!""Yes what?"You say."Yes, it's with me!" "What's with you?""Exactlywatt - that's what's with me."He smirks."Me who?"You ask."Yes!"He says grinning."Go away!"You exclaim."Knock, knock..."He says again,then looks to see your reaction.While this is going on,the other guys are laughing like crazy.Whats your expression?
  7. Jacob looked at you with the'I warned you'face.You looked at Kail who had a victorious look on his face.Jon who just got back was confused until Kail explained to him,and for the first time,you think you saw Elijah flash a grin."I'll believe you guys next time."You say with a hint of irony.They nod.Then the bell that tells you to get to 4th period rings.All your thinking is was Kail's joke really that long.Elijah chuckles.You look at him questionally."You didn't even touch your lunch."He explains rather quickly.You raise an eyebrow,but go along with it.You rush to 4th period.The rest of the day you don't have any classes with any of the guys,besides Jon.You have 6th period with him.You didn't really get to talk much with him though.The teacher seemed to be looking after him,as if he almost always gets in trouble....
  8. You get on the bus to leave school when you notice that the weird guys with the dyed blood red hair was watching you go and sit down.He starts to walk your way,but Jacob scrambles on the bus and sits next to you quickly.He glares at the guy who suddenly stumbles back as if somebody pushed him.He glares at Jacob and leaves to go sit down on the other side of the isle three rows down.You can still feel his eyes on you.You decide to get off the bus 3 stops early because it looks like a beautiful day outside.The sun is shining in a way that makes the grass look like pure emerald crystals.You leave the bus and start your walk home which is about 12 maybe 15 blocks away.You go by the houses when you feel eyes on you again.You then hear rushed footsteps behind you and you start running.You turn around only to fall on the cement after you feel something puncture your skin-a needle.You can't see anything.Your eyes are open,but everything seems black.Like an illusion.
  9. You wake up on something soft,something comfortable and warm-a bed.You keep your eyes closed and silently stir.You hear someone come over to you.You slightly open one eye so the person won't see.It's a guy with a ski mask on.Your reflexes kick in and you punch him in the face.He doubles over in pain and you get up and run over to a window that was in the room you were kept in.You grabbed a nearby book and broke the glass.You jumped out the window which was 2 floors high but landed on a car.For somereason it didn't hurt,but you didn't care.You started running into a forest.You could hear shouts from the back at that house which looked so big from there.You decided to stop after you thought you were far away enough.You sit down on a log.You suddenly hear a snap of a twig behind you and you turn around and see..
  10. Who do you like so far?

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