Avalon Quiz (you'll love it)

Avalon: Web of Magic. A series of books loved by many readers. Also a magical world inside the books, Avalon is the home of all magic. These books are the portal into Avalon, and are quite enjoyable.

But do YOU know Avalon? Do YOU know know the way to it? Or are you just guessing the answers to this quiz? Until now you wonder if you know Avalon, or if you don't. Do you know Avalon? TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT!

Created by: Mary

  1. What is the name of the first book in the Avalon: Web of Magic series?
  2. Now, what are the names of the three girls in the books?
  3. What is the name of the mistwolf in the books?
  4. Who is Lyra?
  5. Who is Ozymandius?
  6. What is Mrs. Beasly Windor trying to do to Ravenswood Wildlife Park?
  7. Is Moonshadow a unicorn or mistwolf?
  8. What are the "dragonflies"?
  9. What does Ravenswood Wildlife Park do, in addition to helping rare animals?
  10. Last question-in the first book, what is the big, purple magical creature that arrives there called?

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