What kind of dream will you have today?

Your all good at this quiz but are u know?I made it because some people don't belive in magic I kind of do!so are you ready for the challenge or are you not?

I love this so much i could cry my eyes out!lol!Anyway do you like it i hope you do!my name is blanka and i am very cool and so are you?Lol i love lol

Created by: cats

  1. What do you wish you were?
  2. What would be your worst enemy?
  3. Finish this story: You _____ a _______
  4. You saw a mouse did you:
  5. What is your dream?
  6. What kind of magic would you like?
  7. What kind of dream did you have last night?
  8. Can you remeber what happened yesturday?
  9. What is your fave kind of juice?
  10. What is your fave kind of sweets?
  11. What is your fave kind of animal?

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Quiz topic: What kind of dream will I have today?