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If you are a fan of magic of any kind. Then you have thought about what kind of magic you'd have if you could use it. You've tried to diced if you'd be good or evil like Merlin or morgana. This will tell you where your talent lye.

Adept,Alchemists,Bards,Druids,Mystics and Shamans are all types of magic that still exists today. Let find out which one your most suited for, so you can begin your practice in the arts of wizardry.

Created by: Ceoconnel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you use your magic
  2. What kind of magic do you wish to learn
  3. Which of these powerful wizards do you like best
  4. If you could have an familiar what would it be
  5. Why is Merlin seen as the most powerful wizard of all time. Is it because of his..
  6. How far do you think you would become, and be honest about it.
  7. Would you join a team to learn more
  8. Do you think magic should be teach'd to everyone
  9. Would you protect the humans or destroy them out of hatred
  10. What kind of warlock or witch would be

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