what survivor are YoU

Hello I hope you enjoy my quiz as much as I enjoyed writing it are you Sweet , Lucky I hope you get a good dog ENJOY THIS NOW OR ELSE oops sorry I'm tired

WHAT SURVIVOR ARE YoU is very important to me and I hope you enjoy writing is fun I'd love for me to make more quizzes and I'd love for you to do those quizzes

Created by: hope

  1. you are on a hunting patrol and you miss a vole
  2. after the hunting party someone frames you eating prey alpha sends you on high watch you?
  3. after your at high watch you see longpaws run straight toward camp you?
  6. so every part of the pack fight off longpaws Tiny is captured by the longpaws you
  7. alpha runs after them lucky tries to stop her you?
  8. anyway later your mate leaves your pack you
  9. your mate does not leave after all you?
  10. good bye do you enjoy

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