Just a Cheeky Zombie Survival Quiz

Just a simple test that has multiple different options of what kind of survivor you will turn out to be. Obviously this test isnt some future telling 100% accurate thing so dont take it seriously THE ZOMBIES ARE SLOW MOVING AND VERY DUMB THE HIGHEST THING THEY CAN CLIMB IS A WAIST/CHEST HIGH WALL

I quite enjoyed making this quiz although it isnt the most well done of most thought out quiz it was still a blast to make and i enjoy answering the quizzes very much and will continue to do so I hope you enjoyed mine thank you and goodbye

Created by: Brandon

  1. How old are you?
  2. How fit are you?
  3. You have the choice of where to go to start the zombie apocalypse where do you chose
  4. What weapon do you choose? (please choose based on location you chose in question 2)
  5. You come across a group of 4 zombies inside a small 1 story house all gathered in the living room (Adult Male,Adult Female,Teen Female,Infant Male) you have seen them through a window from outside and the path to the backyard is blocked what do you do?
  6. You come across a stranger who has taken a gunshot to his lower abdomen and needs medical attention although he isnt bitten
  7. Time to move on as your current base is much to easy to overrun so you must keep going, where to?
  8. A person you used to be really close friends with a while ago before everything went south appears at your door asking for help you let them in and they reveal that they have a bite and you need to cure it for them (there is no cure) but they are delusional and want to live desperatly
  9. You find yourself rather stressed out in the current circumstances and have to try and find some way to deal with it
  10. You come across a car out in the woods its got no fuel but the battery works and the lights are still on and you see a bunch of supplies in the back of it and have access to the interior of the car

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