Zombie Story, survivor's view!

OK, this is just something random that I'm doing as a little test, I hope you like it, there will be a Part 2! la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Zombies are everywhere, your new friends arethere. Bla. Bla bla bla bla blab lab la. Zombies are everywhere, your new friends arethere. Bla. Bla bla bla bla blab lab la.

Created by: shayyyyyyy

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  1. You're at your Dad's work - a graveyard decorator. Your Dad has gone to get some supplies. You:
  2. You spot a guy and a girl both staring at a gravestone. They look really sad. You:
  3. Let's assume that if you were gazing, or staring, you walk over eventually. As you draw over you see the guy better. He has messy black hair and beautiful brown eyes. You think:
  4. "Hi," the girl says, noticing you. "I'm Belinda, or Bin, and this is my brother, Logan." Logan looks at you. You:
  5. Logan suddenly pipes up. "Hey," he says in an a deep voice. "What's your name?" You reply with:
  6. As you, Bin and Logan make small talk, you realise that your dad has been gone over half an hour. You say:
  7. "Wait!" says Bin as you turn to go. "We'll come with you." Are you grateful?
  8. You all walk to your dad's workshed on the other side of the graveyard. By now the sun is setting fast. When you get to your dad's workshop, you realise it's empty, but there is a trail of big red splots on the floor and a note on the table. You:
  9. The note says, "To anyone who may find this. I am in my workshop writing this message as a warning and a message to pass on. My workshop is surrounded by people, they look very sick. If you ever get this note, tell my daughter who is waiting for her that I love her and to keep away from the grave of O....." his writing trails off. You:
  10. After reading it, the other guys look at you. You feel a bit sick to the stomach. Logan puts his arm around you. "Are you OK?" he asks quietly. You say:
  11. You and Bin jump as there is a huge thump on the wall. You all race out and find that there is a dead body slumped on the workshed wall. And it's moving. You:
  12. It begins moving towards you slowly. Let's assume you have grabbed the shovel. You step forwards and:
  13. Suddenly, Bin shrieks. You turn slowly tp find that a big army of zombies are shuffling towards you. They are everywhere. (Last question :P)

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