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If you have watched the past two seasons of Survivor, you have a chance to do very well on this quiz. I had never seen Survivor befor Survivor: Gabon, so I would not do well on other Survivor quizzes. However, I am now addicted to all true reality shows.

What is a true reality show? It is anything that is not talent-based. Therefore, American Idol and America's Got Talent are not true reality shows, while Survivor and the Amazing Race are. Some questions are easy, and some take it to the slightest detail. Good luck!

Created by: Matt
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  1. Which season was there a fake merge in?
  2. Who came in third in Survivor:Tocantins?
  3. In which place has swine flu (Novel 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Virus)been confirmed in as of 9:35 AM EDT on 6/19/09 (19/6/09 por las personas quien habla en el espanol)?
  4. In Survivor: Tocantins, which person who survived the fake elimination on the first day survived longer?
  5. What do Survivor: Gabon and The Biggest Loser have in common?
  6. Where is Survivor:19 going to be?
  7. Which season had more rewards of taking a shower? This is very important to me. I created the How do you smell? quiz yesterday.
  8. Las personas come la fruta mala en Survivor: Tocantins o Survivor: Gabon? In which season did people eat the disgusting fruit?
  9. Using the second tribes (the ones right before the fake merge), what tribe was Susie on?
  10. In Survivor: Tocantins, which contestant was homosexual?
  11. In Survivor: Tocantins which contestant was very beautiful (muy bella) and loved flirting?
  12. In which season, did the winner go on a long challenge winning streak?
  13. What language, other than English, do I use? Cual idoma, otra ingles, yo uso?
  14. In Survivor: Gabon, there were two tribe switches. How many were there in Survivor: Tocantins
  15. What was Survivor: Gabon's subtitle?
  16. Ellos habla la idoma that yo was speaking en either Tocantins o Gabon?

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