zombie survival test

When the day comes that zombies invade will you be prepared?Take my quiz to see if you a noob or a true survivor.Have fun :D and remember undead are people to so dont feel to bad if you score low and get turned into a zombies.

So do you have what it takes not to get ripped to frekin shreds?To not get your intestines riped out of your belly button?To NOT be one of the undead?!

Created by: Temple

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  1. Ok you wake up to an empty house you go eat a muffin and watch tv every channal says emergency please stay in your homes lock your doors and windows.
  2. you see a group of 6 survivors being attacked by 18 zombies what do ou do?
  3. You and your group which you suddenly have, go into a abandoned safeway what do you take for drinks
  4. same as above but food.
  5. you and your group stumble upon a gun shop ( yay ) what gun(s) do you choose.
  6. where do you live?
  7. how long can you run?
  8. You have to choose between 4 groups of people to stay who will you let stay.
  9. oh no zombies broke in to your fort and these are running zombies they are about 20 feet from you and if you stay still they'll be on you in 20 seconds what do you do?
  10. you are now running for your life through a vast field in the middle of nowhere with a hoard of 1000 or so zombies about 2 miles behind you coming after you(running zombies) you have 4 gernades and assault rifle with maybe 50 bullet left a small hunting knife and a side arm pistol with unknow bullets left. What do you do?-there is no right or wrong answer-

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