Chance of surviving a zombie attack

A zombie outbreak is always a possiblilty, and should be up there with hurricanes and other national diseasters. Better safe then sorry, is the way to live, always be ready for the unexpected.

Do you think you could survive a zombie outbreak? In this quiz you will be able to test your knowledge on survival if a situation like this should ever occur. so put on your thinking cap!

Created by: michael

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  1. What type of weapon would you use?
  2. Where would you go during a zombie outbreak?
  3. Best way to kill a zombie?
  4. What type of bomb could destroy a zombie most efficiently?
  5. How long can you run before your out of breath?
  6. Describe your body type.
  7. To escape your zombie infested city you?
  8. What type of things could you find in your house?
  9. Approximitley how much time would it take you to reach a suitable weapon at home?
  10. A loved one was turned into a zombie, what do you do?

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