How high is your chance of surviving a zombie attack?

All people say they can kill a lot of zombies, but no one is exactly sure. They are probably crazy. They are probably going to last 1 second. They are not YOU.

Can YOU kill zombies? Can YOU blow their heads off? Can YOU live? Can YOU save a friend? Can YOU splatter zombie blood all over your new clothes but be okay with it since you got to live a little bit longer? Find out soon..

Created by: Sirmuffin
  1. On TV you saw that Hordes of zombies were attacking the town you live in, would you:
  2. A zombie came up to you. Would you:
  3. If your best friend got infected, and there was only 1 cure left, would you:
  4. In your group, how many people would you have?
  5. If you were driving a truck and all of your friends were asleep, would you:
  6. If your friend was surrounded by zombies, would you:
  7. If you were surrounded by zombies, wold you:
  8. If you were all out of ammo and fighting a zombie, would you:
  9. Sorry this question came last, but If you could pick a weapon, would you:
  10. If you had a melee weapon, what would it be?

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Quiz topic: How high is my chance of surviving a zombie attack?