Chance I would you make it through a zombie attack?

Many people think they would survive a zombie attack. Some would and some wouldn't. One must be smart, resourceful, and must be able to improvise. Not the tell a funny joke improve but be able to edit and restructure a plan as is need.

Do you think you would survive. I am not so sure.If you do well enough I just might invite you to join me in my bunker. If not I will be hunting you. I don't care who you are. If you dead its not really killing.

Created by: elijah of this site
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  1. Which weapon would you grab first?(All have ammo.)
  2. Which mode of transportation would you choose?
  3. Your best friend was just bitten by a zombie, you would...
  4. Your group is secured in a building with the doors and windows braced and bolted. One of your members goees crazy and starts to open the door. you...
  5. Your in the mood for some zombie hunting. What do you use as bait?
  6. The best place to snip a Z is...
  7. You have room for only two items of food stuffs. You take...
  8. Could you kill something?
  9. Where do you shoot a zombie to kill it?
  10. Your shelter is not safe enough to sleep in anymore. You must plan a route. you plan to trek through...
  11. Which are not traits of a Zombie?
  12. How do you stop a zombie?

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