Are you ready for a ZOMBIE attack?

Over the course of history, many have been lost due to brutal attaks. Many good man and women have died. There's no telling when the next zombie attack is.

When zombies do attack, where will you fall? Will you die like so many before, or will you rise above and possibly bring an end to the tyranny of the flesh eater?

Created by: Eric
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  1. You hear your back gate opening
  2. You're at your house on a black night, when suddenly there's tons of banging all around your house. You look out your window and notice its a bunch of human shaped things. You...
  3. You encounter a green man, who apparently has a broken foot, and whose skin is rapidly peeling off. Oh ya, and is walking toward you kinda slowly, without talking. His mouth has blood in it, and it looks like he wants some food. You...
  4. It is evident that zombies are attacking your city. Your house is infested, where to you go?
  5. You recognize a friend amidst a swarm of flesh eaters, and you manage save him/her (brutaly or not. your choice). What do you do with your bitten friend?
  6. You find yourself in a school kitchen . A zombie catches you unarmed, you quickly reach for...
  7. The only way to solve the zombie problem is....
  8. You find a small resistance that has survived.
  9. Do you believe the plague has spread over the entire world?
  10. After killing countless zombies, your alarm cloak rings and you wake up. Your first reaction is

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for a ZOMBIE attack?