% Chance of survival in a Zombie Outbreak

A full fledged zombie outbreak (complete world take over) is not to be taken lightly. To survive you must be healthy, and ready, both body and mind. This means not only defending yourself from zombies, and searching for food and water, but also maintaing your sanity.

Even if you ACE this test, your chances of survival are against you. It's against all of us. That's what makes it so hard to survive. This test isn't testing to see if your the best of the best. It's not telling you how amazing your going to do. It's simply going to tell you whether or not even even stand a vague chance against the invincible plague.

Created by: -Stealth Beast-

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  1. Scenerio: For some reason, you are totally unprepared for the zombie outbreak. Chaos suddenly breaks loose on the streets, but you still have time to think. What would you do first out of these?
  2. Which of these guns have the most multi-purpose value in a full outbreak (Class 4). There are 2 correct answers.
  3. Which of these vehicles have the best use in a full outbreak (Class 4)
  4. Which of these is a piece of equipment that should almost never be considered wearing when conflicting with a zombie.
  5. Scenerio: Your friend had just been infected! Your holdout isn't doing that great either. What do you do with him?
  6. How far should relationships go?
  7. What is the best melee weapon, as a weapon, out of these?
  8. Scenerio: For some reason, your walking along the sidewalk. Theres a group of 3 people on their porch, being overrun by zombies, as they're desperatly trying to fend of zombies, you notice that they seem quite strong. You know you can help them, and you h
  9. What are the best forms of entertainment in a full outbreak (Class 4).
  10. What's the best attire considering saftey, comfort, and health during a full outbreak (Class 4). (assume your in comfortable weather all the time)
  11. Scenerio: You've been infected! Your friend is not, but his holdout isn't doing that great either. Your extremely emotional, you don't want to die, yet your going to. What do you do?
  12. Scenerio: You have a decorative (yet strong) iron fence seperating zombies from your holdout. As you shoot more and more zombies that try to break through it, you notice the bodies are really stacking up. What do you do? (assume that dead zombie bodies ro
  13. Which one of these is the best way to survive assuming it is a full outbreak (Class 4).

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