Do you know how to survive a zombie outbreak?

Zombie outbreaks are popular in movies, TV shows, and novels, but fiction aside, how prepared would you be for a real life zombie outbreak? This quiz will test your knowledge of how to survive a zombie outbreak.

This quiz will cover a range of topics concerning zombie outbreak survival, including weaponry, food, shelter, traveling, communication, and niche details specific to zombie threats. Zombies pose a unique danger unlike that presented by a hostile human. Consider your new, undead enemy when taking this quiz.

Created by: Andrew

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  1. The zombie outbreak is just starting. You look outside and see an occasional zombie lurking around the neighborhood. What is your gut reaction?
  2. You're forced to stay put due to congested freeways, and decide to take up arms to defend your home from zombies. Which is the best weapon choice?
  3. You are forced to stay put because of traffic congestion. What do you do to pass the time?
  4. You are forced to stay put due to traffic congestion, but your group plans on leaving in several days. What should you eat until you leave?
  5. You are packing up, getting ready to leave town in your car, with your group. What food should you pack?
  6. Before leaving, you realize you don't have much bottled water. You decided to get some more drinking water. What do you do?
  7. You're on the road, where should you go?
  8. Which of the following items do you take with you before leaving, assuming there is only time to grab one.
  9. It is midday, you are in the middle of nowhere camped out, and in need of help. A helicopter is flying low and towards you. How do you signal the helicopter?
  10. A member of your party is bitten in the forearm by a zombie, and they have broken their leg. What do you do?
  11. You are short on supplies, and in an abandoned town. There is an abandoned convenience store a ways out, with several ways of getting to it. You take the following path?
  12. You are in an abandoned town and you need medical supplies. Where should you go? (You are in a seemingly abandoned town).
  13. Which should you avoid the most?
  14. Zombies have broken into your camp! You must flee and you only have time to warn and rush off with one person. Assuming everyone is in good health, and equally armed, who do you warn?

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to survive a zombie outbreak?