Zombie Survival

Ah, Yes a quiz to see if you can survive a zombie outbreak. This quiz will see if you are prepared for a zombie outbreak.It's just for fun. I was motivated to make this because,I like zombies... they are pretty awesome.

Are you sure you could survive a zombie outbreak? Look no further this will test you. So, what are you waiting here,reading this for? go on in and take it, it is really fun!

Created by: Jake

  1. What building would be the best to use as a safehouse/base, If you live in a city of atleast 20,000?
  2. Do you have any guns in your house?
  3. whats the best melee weapon you have around the house/garage?
  4. Do you have tools around the house/garage?
  5. How do you plan to carry all this stuff?
  6. What kind of Vechile do you have?
  7. Can you do first aid?
  8. Can you make weapons? (like molotovs, traps etc.)
  9. Is fire a good weapon against Zombies?
  10. Do you have country, forests, or mountains near you?
  11. Are tou a member of Zdaygame.com? (a zombie game)

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