CBS Survivor Knowledge Challenge

The granddaddy of network reality shows, Survivor continues to draw big ratings after a dozen seasons. Many have tried to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others in numerous tropical settings. Millions of fans have watched the show. Perhaps you are a Survivor addict yourself.

So you've watched Survivor. But how much do you really know? How well does your knowledge of Survivor trivia stand up? This knowledge quiz will test you to determine whether you are a true fan of the show, or merely an imposter. Continue on and good luck...

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In Survivor Pearl Islands, what was Darrah's occupation?
Sports radio announcer
Stay-at-home mom
In the first season, how did Rudy blow his chances of winning?
He betrayed his alliance
He got injured
He took his hand off the immunity idol
He created too many enemies on the jury
Put these Survivor winners in the correct chonological order of their victories: Brian Heidik, Vecepia Towery, Tom Westman, Sandra Diaz-Twine
Vecepia, Brian, Sandra, Tom
Vecepia, Sandra, Tom, Brian
Brian, Vecepia, Sandra, Tom
Brian, Vecepia, Tom, Sandra
Tom, Vecepia, Brian, Sandra
What did many people consider unfair about Burton and Lil in Survivor Pearl Islands?
It was discovered that they are related
They tied for votes at tribal council, and a rock drawing resulted in a different survivor leaving
They tied for immunity in the final episode
They got a second chance after being voted off
In Survivor Marquesas, who peed on John's sea urchin sting?
Which of these people was not voted out first on their season?
Peter Harkey, Survivor Marquesas
Lindsey Richter, Survivor Africa
Nicole Delma, Survivor Pearl Islands
Debb Eaton, Survivor Outback
Which Survivor earned the nickname "Robfather"?
Robert DeCanio
Rob Mariano
Rob Cesternino
Robb Zbacnik
Which of the following Survivors appeared in one season only?
Jenna Lewis
Stephenie LaGrossa
Rob Cesternino
Gervase Peterson
In Survivor All-Stars, what were the three original tribe names?
Vanuatu, Borneo and Marquesas
Vanuatu, Mogo Mogo and Tambaqui
Saboga, Mogo Mogo and Chapera
Jaburu, Moto Maji and Sook Jai
Jaburu, Moto Maji and Lopevi
Which season began with a long hike through the jungle that left several survivors very ill?
Survivor Guatemala
Survivor Thailand
Survivor Outback
Survivor Borneo
Survivor Marquesas
Survivor All-Stars
Which jury member cast the sole vote for Matthew in Survivor Amazon?
How many tribes were there at the beginning of Survivor Exile Island?
In Survivor Pearl Islands the season's villain, Jon Dalton, was known by what nickname?
Johnny Rotten
The General
Johnny Fairplay
Bobby Jon
In Survivor Amazon, Christy called which two survivors the "evil stepsisters"?
Jenna and Heidi
Heidi and Shawna
Shawna and Deena
Jenna and Amber
Who was the first person ever to voluntarily take themselves out of the game?
Ibrehem Rahman
Ghandia Johnson
Susan Hawk
Osten Taylor
Willard Smith
In Survivor Outback, why was Michael Skupin air-lifted out?
He was bitten by a crocodile
He burned himself in a fire
He sprained his ankle
He was stung by a jellyfish
He cut himself with a knife
In Survivor Thailand, how did the family video segment hurt Brian's chances of winning?
It made Ted think Brian is a racist
It made Brian look rich
It revealed that Brian's wife is half his age
It caused Brian to get emotional and lash out
In Survivor Guatemala, which of the following is not true?
Gary discovered that Judd lied about the hidden immunity idol
Cindy knew Gary's secret about having played pro football
Bobby Jon angered Jamie by saying he had no class
Judd called his tribemates scumbags after being voted off
Jeff Probst began dating which Survivor contestant?
Julie Berry of Survivor Vanuatu
Amber Brkich of Survivor Outback
Jenna Morasca of Survivor Amazon
Tijuana Bradley of Survivor Pearl Islands
In Survivor Outback, which final three contestant made a selfless move that cost him the game?
Rodger Bingham
Colby Donaldson
Keith Famie
Elisabeth Filarski
Jeff Varner
What caused Shii Ann to get voted out in Survivor Thailand?
Winning immunity challenges made her a threat
She threw away the tribe's food
She intentionally caused her tribe to lose an immunity challenge
She tried to form an alliance with the opposing tribe before the merge
Tribemates wanted to break up the Robb-Shii Ann alliance
Who won the viewer's choice $1 million prize?
Richard Hatch
Colby Donaldson
Rupert Boneham
Ethan Zohn
Rudy Boesch
Which of the following describes one of the first things to happen in Survivor Vanuatu?
Tribes must barter for supplies in a small village
A male survivor must climb a pole to retrieve a stone
Survivors are divided into four tribes
Survivors from a previous season return to compete again
In Survivor Palau, what did Wanda Shirk do after learning she won't get a chance to compete?
Sob uncontrollably
Yell and scream
Steal supplies from camp
In Survivor Amazon, what was different about Christy?
She's blind
She's deaf
She's British
She's a widow
She's very religious
How did Boston Rob betray Lex in Survivor All-Stars?
He formed an opposing alliance with Lex's enemy Jerri Manthey
He said they'd form an all-male alliance, then he sided with the women
He promised Lex he'd take him on the reward trip, then he took Amber instead
He asked Lex to protect Amber, then voted him out
The first Survivor marriage proposal was from whom?
Keith, Survivor Outback
Boston Rob, Survivor All-Stars
Colby, Survivor Outback
Sean, Survivor Marquesas
Ethan, Survivor Africa
Who did Richard Hatch go up against in the final two of the first season?
Susan Hawk
Rudy Boesch
Jenna Lewis
Kelly Goldsmith
Tina Wesson
Kelly Wiglesworth
In Survivor Outback, why was Kel's tribe suspicious of him?
They thought he snuck food in for himself
He whispered to the other tribe at a challenge
He refused to answer questions about his life
They thought he lost a challenge on purpose

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