What Survivor Character Are You?

Stranded for 39 days on an island you must have strategy while playing survivor. Find out which survivor suits you the best when playing Survivor and see if you have what it takes to win $1 000 000.

Do you have what it takes? Which Survivor can you use to outwit outplay and outlast the other castaways find out in this all new exciting quiz. The Tribe Has Spoken!

Created by: Troy Fox
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  1. You are shipwrecked and your tribe is arguing where to go?
  2. On your daily jungle walk you stumble off some fruit and sugar cane.
  3. You are best at.
  4. You find out your head is on the chopping block.
  5. You are blindsided and are put on the jury.
  6. The harsh elements are making you feel weak.
  7. The tribe is split into 2 alliances and there is 1 swing vote.
  8. Your tribe loses it's fifth straight challenge.
  9. You have a crush on someone on the island.
  10. While passing through the torches of your fallen comrades in the "rites of passage"

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Quiz topic: What Survivor Character am I?