The Intelligence/moron Test

Are you a moron, or a genius, or are you about average? I you want to see, or if someone told you were dumb and you want to prove them wrong, take this test. I am a 6th grader, so 6th graders should take this test.

This test says one of the following categories; Math, Science, English, or Social Studies. Then I will give you the question. You're lucky it's multiple choice.

Created by: Police

  1. Math: What is 10,000 divided by 3?
  2. Math: What is 245x652?
  3. Science: What are the three seismic waves?
  4. English: What is wrong with this sentence? "The hieght of the square is 3 feet."
  5. Science: What is Pluto?
  6. Social Studies: What did the Mayans predict would happen on December 21st, 2012?
  7. Science: What does the term, "Divergent" refer to?
  8. Science: What is the name of the closest galaxy to ours?
  9. Social Studies: What is the most common world religion?
  10. Social Studies: When did George Washington die?
  11. Science: How many days are in a year?
  12. Math: What is pi?
  13. Math: What do you call a number when it is to the 4th power?
  14. Social Studies: Who is on the nickel?
  15. Math: What is 13 to the 4th power?
  16. Social Studies: What is 1 peso to $1?
  17. Social Studies: Who conquered the Aztec?
  18. Math: How many centimeters are in a mile?
  19. English: What are these words? "dog, man, girl, boy, swing."
  20. English: What are the Harry Potter spells based upon?

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