Intelligence Tester Part 4

This test is the Part 4 to Thunderclap's series, "Intelligence Tester". In this edition, you will answer questions about reading comprehension, math, and even the human body!

Do you have the brainpower to get yourself a spot in the top score bracket? Do you have what it takes to master the art of true intelligence? Find out in "Intelligence Tester Part 4"!

Created by: Thunderclap

  1. Category: Math. Question: If the properties of A and the properties of B are equal to the properties of C, then the properties of B and C are equal to the properties of A. Does this make any sense at all to you?
  2. Category: Reading Comprehension. Paragraph: The alarm clock buzzed, signaling its owner that it was time to get up and welcome a new day. Vera jumped out of bed, stretching and turning to the window, enoying the sunlight streaming through it and casting shadows across the room. A beautiful Saturday morning if she had ever seen one. She turned to her dresser and picked out a nice, comfortable outfit for the day. She dressed quickly and ran downstairs for breakfast, pouring a bowl of her favorite cereal and making some toast with a glass of orange juice. She finished eating, put her dishes on the counter next to the sink, and ran upstairs for her backpack. She pulled on her shoes and filled her backpack with her school supplies; her pencil case, books, lunch money and gym clothes. She went back downstairs and out front door, closing it firmly behind her. She walked down to the Bus Stop and waited for a while, expecting the bus to come rumbling down the road in mere minutes. She waited for a half hour, leaning against the bus stop sign impatiently, but still the bus did not arrive. Why did the bus not come?
  3. Category: Memory Tricks. Problem: Please explain what this sentence helps you remember: Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain.
  4. Category: English. Problem: Please arrange these items in alphabetical order: Ribbon, Cat, Car, Bagel, Badge.
  5. Category: Observation. Question: What is the second word in the dictionary?
  6. Category: Basic Math. Question: Take "30,000,000." Now answer the following two Questions: what is this number (written format) and if you took away 1, what number would you be left with? (number format)
  7. Question: Observation. Question: Did you know that "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" is to the same tune as the "Alphabet Song"?
  8. Category: Standard Question. Question: What does "IQ" stand for?
  9. Category: Human Body. Question: What is the strongest part of your body that is not a bone?
  10. Category: Human Body. Question: How many teeth does an adult human have?
  11. Category: Human Body. Question: How many primary teeth does a child have?

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