Human brain quiz

This quiz will test your intelligence about the boss of our body that is brain after attempting the quiz you will come to know that how much you are standing in water of neurology

So let’s get started with the quiz and find your intelligence in neurology. Also rate my quiz and I will bring you as many as quizzes as you want.

Created by: Armaan saini

  1. Which part of brain controls involuntary actions of the body?
  2. What is the series in which brain is protected?
  3. Where is diencephalon present in brain?
  4. Human brain is made up of which tissue?
  5. What is the function of sensory nerves in human brain?
  6. Human brain generates how much amount of energy?
  7. How many neurons are present in human brain?
  8. How much time is taken by brain to process data form eye?
  9. There are how many hemisphere in brain?
  10. The study of brain is known as-

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