Brain Dominance

This is a quiz to determine your brain dominance. That just means what side of the brain you use. Each is very valuable to our culture, so be proud with whatever answer you get!

Right brain dominance controls the left side of the body and left brain dominance controls the right side of the body. So I hope you enjoy the quiz and have fun!

Created by: GrayArtist
  1. Are you left or right handed?
  2. Take a quick look at your room/living space. Messy or clean?
  3. Imagine you are taking a photography class. What would you be more likely to take pictures of?
  4. How would you go about doing the algebra problem: 3x + y = 20 and -5y + x = 30
  5. So, what color do you like better?
  6. When cooking, or making/mixing up anything of any kind, do you...
  7. Are you a great speaker?
  8. What's your style?
  9. When you are around you friends, do you tend to confuse them a lot?
  10. Imagine: you are at a bookstore and there are several new volumes out that you've heard lots of good things about. Which would you pick up first?
  11. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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