AP Euro Chapter 20 Quiz

This quiz requires one to have adequate knowledge about the period of European history in the early 1800s as the forces of nationalism, liberalism, and conservatism wage ideological battles for dominance on the European stage.

The results of this quiz will inform you as to your ideological standpoint in regards to the wars and governments of Europe during the period from 1815 to 1832.

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  1. Monarchial/dynastic rule is the best way to govern a nation, for it develops a nation's political unity, even if all persons living under that monarch or in that dynasty are not of a common ethnicity, such as can be found in the Austrian and Russian empires.
  2. Peace in Europe, especially when that peace affects the country that I govern, means that the youth of my nation can think about and question the current governing body
  3. A representative democracy in which the unpropertied class can participate will do harm to the nation
  4. King Frederick William III's establishment of provincial estates in 1823 not only were dominated by the Junker nobility but were formed on the advice of his newly-appointed conservative ministers who reported to him alone, for he ruled over the Council of State instead of a constitutional government
  5. Privileges and government participation must be based upon wealth and property
  6. The Greek revolution of 1821...
  7. Augustin de Iturbide's declaration of Mexico as independent of Spain in order to resist the policies of the new liberal Spanish monarchy under Ferdinand VII is beneficial to the country of Mexico
  8. I support the Northern Society and its policies, which are that it favors constitutional monarchy, the abolition of serfdom, and the protection of the aritocrat's interests
  9. I support Nicholas I's policies which uphold the practice of serfdom, impose literary and political censorship, and a codification of Russian law in 1833
  10. The size of the commercial and industrial class in 1830s Britain makes compromise...
  11. National conformity to a single religion must occur in a nation if it is to be unified
  12. French King Charles X's Four Ordinances, which he declared after establishing a French Empire in North Africa, restricted freedom of the press, dissolved the liberal-dominated Chamber of Deputies, and limited the franchise of the nation to the wealthiest people in the nation.
  13. The merging of Belgium with Holland in 1815 was unsuccessful at merging the two cultures and languages into one national culture and language: eventually, Belgium underwent a revolution, resulting in a new constitution in 1831
  14. How would you solve the "Irish Problem"?
  15. A nation must be led by a uniform body of law
  16. The government must keep its hand out of a nation's economy and let meritocracy fuel production and labor
  17. The Enlightenment's questioning of religion is:
  18. There must be a divide between the unpropertied classes and those who are fit to govern
  19. I believe that the French Revolution and Napolean's rule created governing bodies not fit to rule
  20. It is the job of governments to exercise great control over the people they govern

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