AP EURO Quiz #1

Here is a quiz designed to help you study for the AP Euro quiz. I know they say it's the biggest test of the year and it's gonna be tough so hopefully this quiz will help you get through it a little more painlessly

This quiz will ask you 25 questions on various subjects about the current AP Euro unit. It focuses on the effects of the Protestant Reformation in Europe and on Exploration.

Created by: Jared Erdman
  1. Which of the following is the order of the phases in the Thirty Year's War?
  2. Who was the military leader of the HRE in the Thirty Year's War?
  3. The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre was led against who?
  4. Which best describes Portuguese trade policy?
  5. To whom did Charles V leave his empire when he abdicated the throne?
  6. Whose complaints about Native American slavery led to the rise in African slavery?
  7. The Union of Utrecht and the Uhion of Arras took place during which conflict?
  8. Which two battles ended the Turkish advance across Europe?
  9. Who are the Three Henries in the War of Three Henries?
  10. What was the Reconquista?
  11. What year was the Edict of Nantes passed?
  12. The Peace of Augsburg allowed which of the following?
  13. Put the following in chronological order: Peace of Edinburgh, Peace of Westphalia, Peace of Augsburg
  14. Which group contains all Protestants? I. Elizabeth I Richelieu, Wallenstein, Charles V II. Gustavus Adolphus, Christain IV III. Edward VI Louis XIII
  15. Which ruler converted on 1593 and what did he convert to?
  16. Richelieu became involved in the Thirty Years War because:
  17. The Union of Utrecht did what?
  18. Peace of Edinburgh was between which two countries:
  19. How long did it take the Dutch to gain their freedom?
  20. The Defenestration of Prague led to which of the following:
  21. The Edict of Nantes did all of the following except?
  22. Phillip II left his son:
  23. Who led the revolt against Spain in the Netherlands?
  24. Who was the leader of Spain during the end of the Reconquista?
  25. Catherine de Medici was the ruler of France during which of the following events?

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