Are you a Paleoconservative or a Neoconservative?

There are many forms of conservatism. Paleoconservatives advocate traditional values of freedom, isolationism, and some forms of nationalism. Neoconservatives, which moved mainstream during the Bush administration, have drifted more towards the centrist and authoritarian side, embracing imperialism and policies like the New Deal.

So, which one would you classify as? If you're a conservative looking to narrow down your terms, this would be the right quiz for you. Do you support the Jeffersonian ideals of small, weak government? Or are you a member of George Bush's army, marching through to your path to a world of democracy?

Created by: Jake
  1. Do you support the invasion of Iraq and a future raid on Palestine?
  2. Which of these figures do you most endorse?
  3. Did the New Deal work in ending the Great Depression?
  4. What is your opinion on the Bush Administration?
  5. Should the U.S. secede from the United Nations?
  6. Do you support States' Rights or Federal Government power?
  7. In the pre-Civil War era, do you support the secession of the Southern States or Abraham Lincoln's actions?
  8. Which is the most favorable immigration policy? Pick the closest to your view.
  9. What is your stance on affirmative action? Pick the closest.
  10. What are your views on multicultural integration?
  11. What are your stances on free trade? Select the closest to your view.
  12. What are your stances on the Federal Reserve System? Select the closest to your view.
  13. Do you think the U.S.'s loans to the World Bank are justified?
  14. Should we continue to financially support Israel?
  15. What is your opinion of modern Republicans?
  16. Which of these groups is the most agreeable to you?
  17. Which kind of economy sounds most favorable, and which do you think is most efficient?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Paleoconservative or a Neoconservative?