Chasingtriece's Brain Teasers

There are many smart brain busting people out there...but are you one of them?Hmm,welltry this quiz out to see.This quiz has many brain teasing,hard riddling,and more!So come on,take it to see if your one of them smart people.But remember,no matter what you'll always be awesome.No matter your score.

"Hello,I'm Aaliyah Chasingtriece,your quizzer." (YOU)"Hi,I'm ready to take my IQ quiz." (Me):"Yes here are your papers and your pencil,just take a seat anywhere and I'll need your age and sex written down below." (YOU):"Sure,thank you Ms.Chasingtriece."

Created by: Chasingtriece

  1. Aaliyah's mom has 4 daghters and is pregnant with a 5th.The first Zoei,second Zuri,third Zenani,and the unborn Zammi.What is the 4th's name?
  2. Can a man legally marry his widows sister in the state of California?
  3. How can orange juice be so very smart?
  4. Kassidy and Rachelle's parents both died in a car accident,and they went to the funeral with their parents.They then drive out to a fancy restaurant to lighten up the mood.But how if the parents are dead?
  5. Jason gets married to Marissa.She gets pregnant with a daughter.He divorces her and adopts 3 children.He gets married to Britney 2 years later,and impregnates her with twins.He has 3 kids,though,altogether.But how,if both his wives were pregnant plus the adopted kids?
  6. Charice falls off a 100-ft. ladder while painting her house,but doesn't get hurt.How?
  7. Embree wants to know how to spell 'hot water' with only three letters.How?
  8. Peacocks are birds that don't lay eggs,so how are they born?
  9. How are prisoners and astronauts alike?
  10. How many bricks does it take to finish a 50 ft building?
  11. How may you wake up Lady Gaga?
  12. How do you entertain Lady Gaga?
  13. How can you find out where trains go?
  14. Pick the best answer:How can you find out where trains go?
  15. A hiker doesn't sleep for 7 days but isn't tired.How?
  16. How do you catch a squirrel?
  17. How do you buy cat food?
  18. I get wet,while I dry...what am I?
  19. Imagine your in a boat in the middle of the sea,and your surrounded by deadly sharks.How do you stop this?
  20. Lastly;A father and son drive home one rainy night.They get in an accident and the dad dies on the spot,the son gets sped to the hospital.He's taken to the emergency room and the surgeon says,'I can't operate on him because he's my son!'...How is that possible?

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