Are You a True Lala Loopsy Fan?

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Many people dare to call themselves Lala Loopsy fans... but are you? Are you REALLY? Do you know each Lala Loopsy's hobbies, favorite things to do, and birthdays?

This quiz puts your knowledge to the test, with hidden brain-teasers and trick questions all throughout the survey. So before you take the challenge, ask yourself: "Am I ready?"

Created by: Hannah Mathys
  1. Which Lala Loopsy was sewn from a Lumberjack's overalls?
  2. Which Lala Loopsy likes carving coconuts?
  3. Which Lala Loopsy has a zebra for a pet?
  4. Which Lala Loopsy loves waking up at dawn?
  5. Which Lala Loopsy was born on February 2nd?
  6. Ace Fender Bender was made from a car tire. True or false?
  7. Rosy Bumps N' Bruises gets hurt a lot. True or false?
  8. Peppy Pom Poms has a pet dog. True or false?
  9. Swirly Figure Eight has a pet polar bear. True or false?
  10. Holly Sleighbells is always on the nice list. True or false?
  11. Lala Loopsy Litle named Trinket is Jewel Sparkles' sister. True or false?
  12. Scoops Waffle Cone is a real Lala Loopsy doll. True or false?
  13. Which Lala Loopsy loves surprises?
  14. Which La La Loopsy is a mini doll?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Lala Loopsy Fan?