How much of a sweet tooth are you?

This is a short quiz about candy, sugar, lollies, sugar, chocolate, sugar, sweets and mainly sugar things if I didn't already mention sugar...........

This quiz is like a test it determines how well you know your sweets. If you do well then you may have a sweet tooth, if you don't then don't worry it just means you probably don't like much sugary lollies!

Created by: Sophie
  1. What is rainbow, chewy and can break your teeth?
  2. What chocolate has holes inside and is a sphere?
  3. Which lolly is a rainbow but edible?
  4. What do you call it when chocolate and lollies are mixed?
  5. Which fruit is also a lolly?
  6. What is sticky but also smooth and powdery?
  7. What is the shape of medicine but tastes like toothpaste?
  8. Which reptile has its own lolly?
  9. What chocolate has toys inside?
  10. What is powdery but very sour?

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Quiz topic: How much of a sweet tooth am I?