The Good, The Bad, and The Sugar

Most bears are not made of Sugar. I am. I am sweet and lovable, like the opposite of a cactus. Cacti are prickly and impossible to handle. They can be a real pain if you're trying to move them without a pot.

So how much do you know about me? Do you think you can seriously answer all these questions correctly? That would be insane. I don't even think I could get a 100 on this quiz... but I don't count, considering I am a fool and an oaf.

Created by: Mike McNichol
  1. Why does Sugarbear love going to the movies?
  2. Who is Sugarbear's favorite afro-wearing, animal-loving, happy-accident-repairing painter with a soothing voice and pale white skin?
  3. Of the following people, who is Sugarbear least likely to hang out with?
  4. Sugarbear is thinking about getting his own radio show. What would it be about?
  5. What does Sugar think of rap music?
  6. Which of the following is a password Mike wouldn't think of using? (These are all defunct now, so don't try anything you freaks.)
  7. How hot is Nina LoSchiavo?
  8. How many 300's has Sugarbear shot?
  9. When is Sugar's birthday? (UH OH! NOW YAH SCREWED)
  10. What is the MAIN reason that Chris Reebe doesn't like Pokerstars?
  11. How Irish is Sean MacDonald?
  12. What does Sugarbear think of religion?
  13. What happens when Sugar flexes his muscles?
  14. What is the furthest Mike will ever get as a guitarist?
  15. Where has Sugar NOT worked?
  16. Which of the following is Sugar most likely to give you?
  17. How much do you love your Sugarbear?
  18. Jsalz was influenced to be a cop by which two fictional characters? 1) Lenny Briscoe, 2) Inspector Gadget, 3) Shaft, 4) Carl Winslow
  19. How does Sugar like his coffee?
  20. What is Sugar's favorite song lyric, the one that explains his philosophy on life?

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