you know who you are

Totally NSFW if you work in one of those uppity places you may not want to work there anymore. Call me I'll burn it down for a chocolate bar. Chocolate bar may be substitued for any candy or sugar substance, all liability is on sugar provider

You may think you know who you are but so did the Zombies. Come revel in the startling discoveries that await you. Eeriely accurate. You will find out more about yourself here then you did that one night you first touched your no-no place.

Created by: Rick James
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you Asexual?
  2. Are you Homesexual?
  3. Are you Immodest?
  4. Are you Abstinent?
  5. Are you Loose?
  6. Are you Bisexual?
  7. Are you Hererosexual?
  8. Are you Unisexual?
  9. Are you Multisexual?
  10. Are you Nymphomaniacal?
  11. Are you Effeminate?
  12. Are you Obscene?
  13. Do you have gas?
  14. Do you pee your pants?
  15. Do you eat kitten?
  16. Does Jesus go down on your mom?
  17. Does thought of baby corn cramp your bowels?
  18. Are you pregnant?

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