Are You a Sugar Addict?

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Find out if you are a sugar addict. The results might surprise you. Sugar cravings and the health problems they cause can be fixed. it's not the end of the world. But it can be if our health is damaged by excess dietary sugar. It's a killer. And we can help.

So- sugar and you. Is it a happy marriage? Or maybe sugar in your diet is a little bit of a problem? Or a big one? Take the quiz... Hint: A high score, means you ARE a sugar addict. Oops.

Created by: Vicki Link of Sugar Kickers
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  1. I can go an hour after waking before I need to eat
  2. When I do indulge in desserts and sweets, I prefer being around the table with others, sharing and celebrating.
  3. As in previous question, I am more likely to sneak to the fridge late at night and get some ice cream or cake for myself.
  4. Sometimes the before-and-after effects of sugar in my body make me feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  5. My relationship with sugar can best be described as:
  6. I do usually add sugar to my coffee or tea.
  7. I often have a mid-afternoon slump in my energy.
  8. When I do snack on sweets I have one or two and leave the rest.
  9. When I grocery shop I check labels frequently to see how much added sugar is in my stuff.
  10. I think the excess refined sugar in my diet is greatly responsible for me being overweight.
  11. I think I consume ____ sugar than the average person in this country.
  12. When I have a craving, it's more for the salty chips and roasted nuts, not so much the chocolate and ice cream type of treat.
  13. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being super-pure, how healthy do you think you eat over-all?
  14. Have you ever tried to quit sugar or cut way back?
  15. If a professional were to show you how you can still eat yummy sweets, not giving up pleasure, but use natural zero calorie alternative sweeteners and get help with your kitchen and pantry, would that be something you might want?
  16. I find the the typical donut or pastry you buy at coffee shops or cake you get at the bakery to be

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