do you have real powers

Did you ever want to know if you have powers well you are at the right place. The question is do you or do you not haave powers If you are just in lala land and just want to a quiz well you are screwed

If you do have powers then congreats but if yo dont sorry

Created by: gomindless3323

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone was going to attack you what would you do
  2. If you saw someone coming to you to rob you what would you do
  3. If you saw your boyfriend/girlfriend tied up by a bad person what would you do
  4. Do you like to fly
  5. Wold yo cry and surrender or fight the baddness out of them
  6. Fav color
  7. Would u use your power for good if you did have power
  8. Rate
  9. Comment
  10. Thanks 4 taking this quiz
  11. One more q sorry what do your friends say about you

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Quiz topic: Do I have real powers