What power do you have?

Hello child, My name is Dr. Cosmos and I'm here today to talk to you about your powers. How do I know you have powers? Well, we've been watching you.

Don't be afraid, just tell us the answers to all of the questions we ask you. This is not because we want to take tests on you, it's because we want to search where these mysterious powers come from.

Created by: Mac of Fun Game Zone!
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  1. Welcome child. Tell me, what was your childhood like?
  2. Did you know you were different? I mean, like you had powers, different.
  3. Did you ever stand up for someone and accidentally use your powers?
  4. Did you have a crush? If you did, did you ever save that person from a bully or from being teased?
  5. Did you have an enemy who often got into fights with you?
  6. Did you ever use your power in class?
  7. What would you name yourself in superhero mode?
  8. Did your mom or dad have the same powers as you?
  9. Have you ever been out in public using your powers to fight criminals?
  10. Has your enemy ever captured you?

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Quiz topic: What power do I have?