The Blonde Test

There are many blondie in our society. Many of them have died their hair just to fit into regular society, but some who are still true at heart have made this quiz in honor of any faithful blondes still out there! We love you!

So, our quiz will be baffling. Prepare your pretty little brain for a workout, go excercise your mind with some brain teasers before you start, we don't want any meltdowns! So prepare for the BLONDE QUIZ!

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  1. If there is a blue one - story house that is completely blue and nothing in the house is any other color, what color would the stairs be?
  2. If an orphan is trying to cross the street to get to his parents, and the road is filled with cars, how long should it take for the kid to cross?
  3. There are five circles on a page, each one larger than the rest, one circle is blue, another is red, another is green, another is purple, another is orange. If the orange circle is the largest, and the blue is the smallest and they go in the color wheel order, then what would the order be from biggest to smallest?
  4. A foot was first come up with as a measurement when:
  5. When you lie:
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. So, there are four more questions, how many are left?
  8. There is a blonde a brunnette and a red head: What kind of joke is this?
  9. There are two dogs who go on a stroll through the park and eat two hot dogs each. The dogs were disgusted to find out the name of these things and immediately threw up. Each of the hot dogs cost 2 dollars each. The boy dog only had three dollars, so what then happened?
  10. Are you:

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