one you will never forget

some people are blonde and some people are smarter then blondes and this test is to see if your blonde at heart (or in reall life) or if your just another one of the smart geeks... :D man this is ghey its makin me put about 150 letter in a paragrph....

UMMM are you not blonde? cause if so you might ace this test...give it a try.well take the quiz and get it over with so that way you can know your true color and all...if your smart, good for you. if your blonde, i'd hate to be you.have fun the quiz wont make sence but just take it!

Created by: Killer1508

  1. What color is magenta?
  2. Pirates say.....
  3. 5+5+6+7+9+8+385453+832+8-83-3-56663-2322-45645-23-123+983+889243-99+999x993/00312=
  4. what color is my screen?
  5. how many pancakes does it take to roof a dog house?
  6. ice cream has no bones
  7. your mom...
  8. kermet is
  9. if i hit your friend then called you a retard you would...
  10. ice cream...

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