Are you really from Alexandria?

Though we all have come and gone from Alexandria, the good times and bad times of growing up there will always be in our hearts. Never forget your home. Never forget where you came from. It's made you who you are today.

Endless Jamboree's, rival high school football games, crawfish boils, family reunions, and just your standard Sunday afternoon cookouts will always be in our memories...

Created by: Brandy of Brandy
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  1. Where is the only "Laser Tag" spot located?
  2. Which high school is the home of the Trojans?
  3. Which club was always so packed it was known as the "Chicken Box" because of the body heat that emitted from it on Friday nights?
  4. The corner of Houston and Wise is located in what neighborhood?
  5. How many versions of the "Bunny Hop" are there?
  6. Where was the best place to go for "Juneteenth"?
  7. What can you find on every corner in the Sonia Quarters?
  8. Which high school's students were also known as "River Rats"?
  9. Which place sells the best Chinese food?
  10. What is a tradition in Deerfield on the last day of school every year?
  11. What was the name of the building on Metro Dr. across from the car wash before it was a Chuck E. Cheese's?
  12. Which high school has the most black students?
  13. Every high school football season was kicked off with what? (if you were anybody, you HAD to be there, otherwise you wouldnt know what anyone was talkin about at school on monday!)

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Quiz topic: Am I really from Alexandria?