Ultimate Football Trivia Quiz IX

Manchester United Football Club are a world-famous English football club, based at Old Trafford stadium in Trafford, Greater Manchester. The club is one of the most successful football clubs in English football history, having won the FA Premier League/Football League 15 times, FA Cup 11 times, the League Cup twice, the European Cup twice, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup once, the Intercontinental Cup once, and the European Super Cup once. The club has had the highest average attendance in English football for the past 34 seasons, with the exception of 1987-89 during redevelopment at Old Trafford.[1]

The club had been run as a public limited company since 1991, with an attempted takeover by Rupert Murdoch in 1998 blocked by the British Government. However, in May 2005 Malcolm Glazer completed a hostile takeover of the club and delisted it from the stock exchange. The current captain of Manchester United is Gary Neville, who took over from Roy Keane on 16 November 2005.

Created by: Azz
  1. Who said one of thier biggest regrets was that they didnt manage to score a bycycle kick in the world cup?
  2. What does 'la mano de dios' meen ?
  3. who was voted European Footballer of the century by IFFHS?
  4. Romario is still playing professional football after 21 years since his debut, True or false
  5. Romario could have been selected for the 2002 world cup, what age would he have been ?
  6. Scolari was the Brazil manager in 1998, when france beat brazil, true or false
  7. Zidane scored 2 out of 3 France goals in the final of 1998, who scored the other ?
  8. Zidane scored 2 out of 3 France goals in the final of 1998, who scored the other ?
  9. the figures were taken after the 2006 world cup, who is argentina's all time record scorer ?
  10. What is Netherlands lowest ever fifa world ranking ?
  11. Who's nickname is Rots Van Kampen?
  12. England's lowest Fifa World Ranking came before which major tournament?
  13. Irelands first international was there biggest loss, true or false
  14. England won the world cup in 1966 who won it next ?

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