Could you pass 7th grade?

Many people simply forget what they learned in grade school. Some people just forgot the unimportant stuff. Although, most people could just care less.

If you think you're as smart as a seventh grader then take the quiz. You might be surprised at what you remember or forget. After all, it can't be that hard, can it?

Created by: TApats109
  1. Let's start off easy with some English. Which one is correct?
  2. Here's another English one. Which one is right?
  3. This one is math. What is: 8+(4x5)-2= ?
  4. What is the order of operations?
  5. Now to Geography. What is the capital of Switzerland?
  6. In order, what are the four largest countries in the world?
  7. History is next. Which country did not have a big role in imperialism from the time Columbus came to the "New World" to the colonization of Africa?
  8. Before the opening of the Panama Canal, how did ships get to the Pacific Ocean?
  9. US history is next. Which was not a colony?
  10. Which was the first battle of the Revolutionary War?
  11. Now to ancient history. Which was not a war during ancient Greece?
  12. Who was the Great Pyramid in Egypt built for?
  13. In ancient Rome, what was the meeting place for citizens?
  14. Now for recent history, I know, there are lots of history questions. Who did not play a major role in fighting WWII?
  15. One more history question!!! What was the Cold War?
  16. Life Science is next. Which is not one of the five kingdoms of living things?
  17. The main part of a eukaryotic cell is its...
  18. Now for astronomy... Which is not a type of star?
  19. What is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way ?
  20. Now for Earth Science. Weather happens in which layer of the atmosphere?

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