Are you as smart as a 5th grader?

You seen the show, you made the bets that you could pass... now is the test. These are legit 5th grade test questions. Will you pass or get held back?

Are you brave enough to take this quiz? Can you take the humilation of failure? Who knows, maybe you will pass. Either way, you should post this one on your page when you are done. Good luck.

Created by: Stacy
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  1. Fill the sentence in correctly. The team _____ play baseball.
  2. The Second Continental Congress chose __________ to lead the Continental Army.
  3. What is 1385 rounded to the nearest hundered?
  4. Which is the correct way to close a letter?
  5. Which layer of Earth do humans actually live on?
  6. Which decimal is the smallest amount?
  7. Quakers, such as William Penn, practiced a religious belief known as tolerance. Which word means the same as "tolerance"?
  8. The British hired nearly 30,000 troops from Germany to help fight the colonists. These mercenaries, or _________, were the __________.
  9. We strolled though the mall like cats without a care.
  10. ___________ established a colony in Maryland where they could worship freely.
  11. Air pressure is measured with a instrument called a __________.
  12. Find the correct answer. ________ said I could go to the movies.

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Quiz topic: Am I as smart as a 5th grader?