The Second Stupidsheet Quiz

Well, I'm having a good time doing these quizzes, and I'm spending a lot of times scanning websites, magazines and books with my green eyes, hoping to find the kind of quiz information that varies between obscure trivia, and hiding-in-plain sight brain teasers!

Are you smarter than Stupid? Of course you are, but I hope that you'll take the quizzes anyway. They are kinda a little work. And my green eyes look funny when they're bloodshot, so make it worth the effort, ok?

Created by: Jimmy

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  1. There is a connection between TV's Willard Scott and Ronald McDonald. What is the connection?
  2. Hannibal Hamlin is the name of:
  3. Look at the series, determine the pattern, and find the value of the unknown number:(ok to round if necessary) 1,.5,.333,.25,.2,.1666,.1428,___
  4. Which is NOT a bone in the human body?
  5. If you were a herpetologist, what would be your area of expertise?
  6. "SCUBA" is an:
  7. Which of the following is not a real word (at least at the moment) according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary?
  8. In the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz", Judy Garland was cast in the part of Dorothy. What was "Dorothy's" last name?
  9. The first Mickey Mouse film ever made is titled:
  10. Which is NOT in the Frito-Lay's Product Line?
  11. StupidGuy, the author of this quiz, has two currently useful eyes. What color are they?

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