Are You Left Or Right Brained? (Extremely Accurate!)

Have you ever wondered what side of your brain you use the most? Well this quiz will help you determine the dominate side of your brain! Crazy or Logical, or in between, this quiz will tell you the answer!

Have you ever wondered if whether you were left or right brained? Well this quiz will tell you the answer! Take this quiz and find out the dominate side of your brain!

Created by: None O. Urbusiness

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  1. Out of these answers, how would you describe yourself?
  2. Which subject do you like best?
  3. What is the next number in this sequence? (2,4,6,8,10...)
  4. What would you rather write about? (Ok wise guy! Lets say that you HAD to do this for school)
  5. Billybob loves to mow his feilds and tend to his animals. Billybob's only occupation is Agriculture. What is Billybob's job?
  6. Jame's brother's name is Zachary. Zachary's brother is in a bathroom stall. Who is in a bathroom stall?
  7. A negative plus a negative equals? or in other words, (- + - = ?)
  8. Ok fun question!!! what do you see? ▲ _______ ▼ ▼ _______ ▲ ▲ _______ ▼ ▼ _______ ▲ ▲ _______ ▼ ▼ _______ ▲
  9. What does this picture look like? |☺| --> ☺
  10. ok now for the ultimate question! which learning style is your dominate learning style? (Which sounds like the best way to learn to you?)

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Quiz topic: Am I Left Or Right Brained? (Extremely Accurate!)