Are you Left brained or Right brained?

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There are two hemispheres of the brain...left and right. Take this quiz and find out what side of the brain you are. Please rate and comment and have a good day.

People develop a dominance over a part of a brain, find out what part you are and they develop certain charectisitics. The results of this quiz will show what your charectistics are accorinding to you brain.

Created by: Wooden Bridge

  1. How creative are you?
  2. Are you good at controlling your emotions?
  3. Choose:
  4. Which one of these jobs would you prefer?
  5. How good are you in acounting or mathematics?
  6. Do you like to daydream?
  7. To explain directions to someone would you...
  8. Do you like drawing, painting and other kinds or art?
  9. Can you concentrate on studying while listening to music?
  10. Are you absent-minded or do you space everyone around you?

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Quiz topic: Am I Left brained or Right brained?