Are you more of a Right Brain or Left Brained person?

As an AP Psychology project I had to create a project using "Technology" so... making a quiz was MY CHOICE! Its a quiz on whether your more Left Brained or Right Brained!

Are you a Left Brain person.. or a Right Brain person (Defined by Psychology)?? By taking this quiz in YOUR PERSPECTIVE you can figure out exactly what you are!

Created by: Amber766
  1. When you lose something, How do you rediscover the object?
  2. I am a math expert?
  3. How would you describe directions to a lost person?
  4. When assembling a dresser, I..
  5. When arriving at a friends house, I am..
  6. I am musically inclined?
  7. When going to the grocery store..
  8. I am a very talented artist? (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)
  9. When picking classes for school, Id rather..
  10. My room is usually..
  11. In my spare time, I usually..
  12. When trying to relax listening to music, I would most rather listen to..
  13. I am often caught staring off into space?
  14. When learning, Would you rather..
  15. As you look at pet options at the local Humane Society, You are most draw to..
  16. I am more of a mulitasked kind of person?
  17. When given a job to do, I'd rather..
  18. When telling a story..
  19. I forget things ALL the time?
  20. When reading, I..
  21. When answering a call for advice, I..
  22. I am open to all types of music?
  23. I am..
  24. When hanging out with friends, I like to..
  25. When designing a future tattoo option, I..
  26. Which occupation seems more equipped to my liking?
  27. During long Speeches..
  28. When on vacation, I..
  29. When studying for an exam..
  30. I can easily dream about my future goals in life and things I wish I could do?

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Quiz topic: Am I more of a Right Brain or Left Brained person?