How Paranoid Are You?

The human brain seeks to link bits of information and create from them a greater body of data it calls reality. Sometimes that linking instinct runs amok. Hence: Paranoia -- The tendency to sense sub-meaning in everything. FUN QUIZ ONLY.

Are YOU totally paranoid? Look around you. Via a few example scenario questions, you might find out how deep your personal reality runs. Enjoy! For FUN ONLY.

Created by: betsybrains
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  1. Your watch is two minutes slow. You didn't notice until today. Choose the most reasonable explanation.
  2. With the look on her face, what did the checkout gal REALLY mean when she said, "Newspapers are 75 cents."
  3. A person in America can get reliable news coverage from one source.
  4. Why did the chicken cross the road? Be honest.
  5. From the following, please select which statement best reflects your sentiments on Triangles and Pi.
  6. Your phone is ringing. You don't know the number. It's a 202 area code, which is Washington, DC. Who's calling?
  7. What is going on with aluminum foil?
  8. You saw at least fifteen beige Camrys today. Why?
  9. You're having a wonderful passionate day. You're on. While you're on a roll and climaxing on a great speech, lightning strikes, and thunder booms. Please embrace:
  10. The homeless man on the corner held eye contact for longer than what's socially appropriate. Why?

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Quiz topic: How Paranoid am I?