Are You Paranoid?

This is a short quiz (12-13 questions) to see if you are paranoid, I am not 100% accurate, but my friend is paranoid, diagnosed and she took it and came out paranoid so what does that say?

When you take this quiz remember, At the end I will give you a comment and tell you if you are paranoid. Answer as correct as you can. Good luck Have fun Enjoy! Ali

Created by: Ali
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  1. Do you hear voices when you are alone?
  2. Do you think people are after you?
  3. When you can't see anyone but there are people around can you feel their presence?
  4. Do you have a stalker?
  5. Do people who are complete strangers (not stalkers) follow you in stores or places and leave?
  6. Are you scared of the police or certain people for reasons other than they are total creeps?
  7. What are you more scared or worried about?
  8. Do you think you are paranoid?
  9. Are you supersticious or belive in aliens or magic?
  10. What would be more common in your life, death or friends?
  11. Last Question, Now think hard, remember all your answers, do you think you are paranoid? (yes I already asked this, answer again!)

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Quiz topic: Am I Paranoid?