How Paranoid Are You?

Alot of people out there are worried about what people think about them. Others not. And others not so much. And uh hm what else should i say? Oh i got one! Which one do you rank?

Not so sure which one you are? Good thing theres this quiz to tell you how paranoid you are! Aren't you so happy i made it? So am I! Yeah so um thats it i guess!

Created by: Tatiana of Mind Of Tatiana Fan Site!
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  1. You just heard a rumor about you. What do you do?
  2. Someone just reminded you and everyone else about an emberassing moment that happened a long time ago in kindergarden. You?
  3. Your sitting in class when you hear someone say your name in a conversation with someone else. You?
  4. Your on myspace when you read a new comment on one of your pictures. The comment reads "Wow whered you get that outfit? Ugly R Us?" What are you thinking at the moment?
  5. Wow it looks like that shirt got ran over by a monster truck.
  6. Your on AIM chatting with someone when they say "Wow your so boring you can put coffee to sleep" You say?
  7. Your passing by in the halls when you hear somebody giggling. What are you thinking?
  8. You wake up one moring with a huge zit on your face. What do you do?
  9. Your selfesteem is?
  10. You have to give a speech during class. While your reading you hear people laughing. Your thinking to yourself?

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Quiz topic: How Paranoid am I?