Are you paranoid?

How paranoid are you? Do the creatures of the night crawl around your room? Is there someone out to get you? Or are you just cool about it. What happens when you find something out of place? Or a black cat crosses your path?

Are you paranoid or not? This will tell you if you are, if you're not, or in between. Do some things scare you? Or just make you twitch? How about not even blinking an eye? This quiz says it for you. Dare you try?

Created by: Marble
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  1. Someone opens an umbrella inside. You:
  2. You see something move out of the corner of your eye. You:
  3. Something in your food looks odd. You:
  4. Someone leaps on your shoulders, or jumps out of nowhere. You:
  5. There are odd shapes in your closet. You:
  6. You hear your name and don't know the source. You:
  7. Your friend brings over a horror movie. You:
  8. You have lost your teddy. You:
  9. You are reading a scary book, and the lights go out. You:
  10. Bonus! It's 3 in the morning, and you woke up. You:

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Quiz topic: Am I paranoid?