How paranoid are you?

There are many people who think they are paranoid, but they are often just listening and buying into stereotypes and fakes. What is paranoia? It's when you are concerned about almost everything going around you, and you just can't shake off certain feelings.

So are you paranoid? Do you often hold on to feelings that you can't let go? I guess you should figure out now, because there is only 12 easy questions. Try it!

Created by: Lauren
  1. If someone is pretending to throw a baseball at you, what's your reaction?
  2. Lets say you had to do a speech in front of a big group of people. What's your reaction?
  3. What do your friends/family think of you?
  4. How do you act in front of a crush?
  5. Are you often afraid of people watching you?
  6. I'm gonna create 4 characters, select the one that is most like you. The gender doesn't matter, just pay attention to the personality.
  7. What color are you most like?
  8. What's your reaction when your friend looks at papers or other things in your room that you do not like people to look at? (not a journal)
  9. What are your strengths?
  10. What are your weaknesses?
  11. What do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: How paranoid am I?