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  • im such a paranoid person its not even funny. When im walking to my besties house i tend to run and look everywhere! I get all scared that somethings folling me. And when im at her house and she leaves me for a moment i start freaking out sooo bad. I hate it though. Sometimes i see things tthat i dont wanna see. I need help !!!!! }:

  • Sixty four percent paranoia,seems about right sense I can over think about situations a lot along with having anxiety over stupid things but at the same time I can also be brave and strong often to. Cool quiz anyways.

  • I got 88% and I'm not sure if I should feel happy,angery, upset, scared, or etc. I know this is an online quiz meaning it's not 100% true but I tried my best to answer it honestly and I just don't know. Should I get help? Is this normal? Should I ignore it? Am I the only one with a high score? Should I be proud I 'found' this out? Should I be frightened that it might be true? I don't know what to do and I want more answers rather than "You're ____% paranoid! You blah blah blah." I'm just so confused and scared now...

  • You are 76% paranoid 76%

    You are extremely paranoid, often taking note of actions. You are also concerned about what's going around you, and you can't shake off feelings of paranoia.

  • I got 64% i thought I should of got more LISIN TO THIS PEOPLE so I have a school dance tomorrow and it's going to be sooooo much fun! And yet im extremny nervous and for some weird reason I have butterfly's in my tummy....?

    -kittyp aw101-

  • I knew I was paranoid, and this test just put the cherry on top. Thanks! Now I'm paranoid that the results have hit mu facebook..... Excuse me, must go and check. . . .

  • yes i am somewhat paranoid, but if u try and touch my neck, then omg omg omg i freeek out!


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